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SPECTEC is ISO 9001:2008 certified

Thunderbird International Corp's quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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Thunderbird International Corp Speed Transducer Engineering and Manufacturing

Thunderbird International Corp has been manufacturing mil spec magnetic speed transducers since 1985. Our mil spec quality control system is also ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, most of our magnetic speed transducers, zero speed switches, RF flow meter transducers and pre-amps meet the European Union's ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive for electromagnetic emission interference and the immunity to interference and bear the CE marking.

Magnetic Speed Transducer Operations

Thunderbird International Corp's RF turbine flow sensors and magnetic speed transducers convert a target's linear, rotational or oscillating motion into a pulse train, with the frequency proportional to the speed of the triggering target (turbine wheel, slotted disc, output shaft, etc.) passing by the transducer. These speed transducers operate in the most demanding environments and locations. The RF speed transducers are low drag, low speed detection transducers that match most turbine flow meter transducer applications.

Our zero speed switches permit accurate and repeatable positioning and detecting of magnetic or gear targets down to zero speed. The Hall effect switch output is used for computing, counting, direction detection and input to many control processes.

RF Speed Transducers - Turbine Flow Meter Transducers

RF flowmeter transducers are a superior sensor for applications that require close to zero speed and no magnetic drag on the target, such as a tubine flow meter blades. RF flow meter transducers have a successful history of getting utilized to detect rotational movement and speed in turbine engines and turbine flowmeters in the aviation, oil, chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

RF flowmeter transducers meet a wide spectrum of rotational speed detection applications due to their ability to detect aluminum and 316 stainless steel targets as well as standard magnetic and ferrous targets through a metal wall.

Standard and Custom Magnetic Speed Tranducers

Magnetic speed transducers are available in custom and standard configurations, meeting most engineering applications. Hall effect zero speed switches, proximity sensors, RF speed transducers and magnetic speed transducers are offered with a wide range of operating temperatures, sensitivity, body sizes, styles, and connectors.

Thunderbird International Corp's compact signal converters are well matched to our rugged standard proximity, RF (modulated carrier) and magnetic speed transducers. Three additional specialized pre-amps include high sensitivity, noise canceling as well as standard Frequency to Current and Frequency to Voltage converters.

Speed Transducer Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Our custom engineering services fulfill your speed transducer development requirements or help you improve the design of your currently installed transducers. Our rapid design to production turn around time helps you accelerate your speed transducer implementation.

Please Email Us or call our speed transducer experts - we're ready to assist you meeting your specific speed transducer, speed switch, pre-amp or engineering requirements.

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